Vanessa Williams Copywriter. Pembrokeshire based.Vanessa Williams

Pembrokeshire based copywriter.

Helping businesses thrive with some creative, competitive, copywriting.



I’m from Pembrokeshire, West Wales. Growing up in a rural and tourist area, I helped out in the family catering business and guest house. I picked up valuable skills and got to know what makes a business successful.

I also got accustomed to talking with people from all walks of life. I enjoyed hearing everyone’s stories (I still do).

I studied business at college and later worked in a variety of roles in customer care and administration, for small and large businesses including Job Centre Plus and ITV digital.


In 2005 I headed to London. I was in pursuit of a creative role in writing, advertising or on a magazine.

I got on the temping trial and sold books at RIBA, did admin at Burberry’s head office, and interviewed job applicants in a recruitment company. After 3 years I landed a nice role in a leading publishing and events company and stayed until I left London a few years later.

It was here I gained a good grounding in marketing and writing. Over 4 years I created and managed many successful online and print marketing campaigns for a variety of magazines and events.

My Service

With my combined customer service and marketing experience, and with a desire to create and help small businesses thrive, I am a now a freelance copywriter.

I draw from my experience of working in all types of industries and businesses from a small coffee shop to a leading publishing and events company.

I’m SEO trained. I keep up with the latest techniques by following a stream of experts online.

I also experiment with social media and blog on my own website and travel blog.

How I can help

I write website content, online articles, business blogs, travel blogs, email promotions, newsletters and print marketing.

I’ll work with you to find the right words and approach for your business.

See my full service.

My customers

My customers vary from small businesses, creative start-ups, tourism businesses, marketing agencies and B2B companies.

If you would like some help with your business get in touch.

I’ll look forward to hearing from you.


Call 07767 410718


Twitter @welshgirlinldon


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