5 Easy ways to promote your small business in 2019.

5 Easy ways to promote your small business in 2019.

5 simple ideas to help you promote your small business and attract more customers in 2019. Good luck!

  1. Update your visual brand.

A fresh and updated look will attract attention.

It will help you compete and entice people to look at what you offer.

Combine it with a new product launch or new website to make a big impact.  

  • Work with a graphic designer to create a unique design and set of colours to run through your products, marketing and social media posts.
  • Create some attractive templates and fonts for social media posts. This will also save you time when you’re updating social media.
  • Update an old logo to one that will stand-out online.
  • Update old profile photos and headers to ones that give an insight into what you offer.
  • Refresh your other marketing and surroundings. Do a before and after post for social media.

Check out @thecreativecommon for their friendly and stylish approach. @lbu.beauty for their savvy social media posts and Tugboat Brews in Truro for their punchy branding and website (and nice tea).

  1. Boost your personal brand.

You and your staff are your business’s gold star.

The personal service, the chat and unique offerings. It’s what entices people in.

Talk about all that makes you unique and how you offer a quality service.

  • Update your About page to include photos and friendly profiles.
  • Where are you from? How did you get into business, what’s your experience, how are you different to everyone else?
  • Use social media. Show behind the scenes, training days, where you go to source your products, how you prepare orders etc.
  • Use what you and your staff are good at. If you have the gift of the gab or you’re funny in your personal Facebook then move over to using it for your business!
  • Ask your customers what they like about you. You may not realise what you need to be promoting…

Heywood Spa Hotel in Pembrokeshire take a friendly and positive approach and big-up their staff. A sign of a good business. Café Mor Fishing & Foraging Wales also in Pembs both have excellent profiles. Their passion and creativity shines through.

  1. Use your existing customers to attract new ones.

There is nothing better than a recommendation from someone you trust.

Refer a Friend Discount.

An excellent way of finding new customers and clients. I found my hairdresser this way. Offer a 10% welcome discount to both parties.

Ask for reviews.

Make it easy by adding links (to Google or Trip Advisor etc.) in your Thank You email or on the printed receipt. Ask straight away while people have the momentum. Post recent reviews on social media.

A “tag your friends campaign”on Instagram or Facebook. 


“Win a luxury vegan sandwich and drink! Just like our page @yourbusiness and tag your vegan friends #PaulsChristmasVeganFeelgoodSandwich available now @yourbusiness.” 


“A free limited addition T-Shirt for our first 20 customers to buy from our new summer range @yourbusiness. Tag your friends!”

Lots of comments from competitions will help get your post seen to more people.

  1. Reward loyal customers.

A no-brainer.

Keep customers coming back for more.

  • A discount on your next order. A printed or email discount with the receipt.
  • A free gift when you sign up to a season ticket or book a repeat service.
  • An extra little something at Christmas or on your next order.
  • Monthly competitions. For every purchase you get a free entry.
  • An email, phone call or voucher to say thank you for your continued custom.
  1. Use Instagram.

It’s worth trying to master one social media platform.

Instagram is a good option.

It’s quick and easy to use, a popular and growing platform for small businesses, a go-to place for customers to check out your brand and profile.

Don’t assume your customer base isn’t on there.

You can reach ALL types of people. All ages and audiences. It’s also a lot easier to reach your followers compared to Facebook.

Find new customers, a new community and promote yourself through Instagram.

A few tips

  • To get you started look at other businesses. Search by # area or business type e.g. #Pembrokeshire #tea.
  • Interact with other small businesses and your local community. It will help you build a following.
  • Use a mixture of posts. General promotions and behind the scenes of your business.
  • Post pictures of people. Happy customers, staff at work etc. They’ll attract more attention and help customers get to know you.
  • Use apps. To help you quickly edit photos and create templates.
  • Use Instagram Stories and videos. These stand-out.

Instagram decides what posts are prioritised to others. It favours posts with comments, likes and how long people spend on a post. 

So write good captions, include call to actions, respond to comments and post at peak times.

A few I like

@lbu.beauty They make full use of a business account with a descriptive profile and links to services. A mix of attractive photos and well designed promotions.

@themuckyduckbrighton & @mesmeristbar. Not just food photos. They keep it witty and show off their personality.

@blasus_succulent_emporium For making cactuses and houseplants look sexy!

@HotPatooties Dawn O’Porter is a master at promoting herself in a funny and witty way.

@100_things_to_do_in_wales A personal journey and adventure. A good example of someone being themselves and making their posts relatable.

Instagram guides

I hope you enjoyed my blog 🙂

If you would like me to write for your business, or if you’d simply like to brainstorm ideas for some promotions, I’d love to hear from you get in touch.

Cover Photo by Brent Gorwin on Unsplash.com.

Good luck in 2019.


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