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Emails and newsletters. Vanessa Williams Copywriter.Build a brand

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Keep existing customers

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Email marketing can help you win business.

How to build a great campaign

  1. Your data. Clean, up-to-date and relevant email addresses are essential. Build up your subscriber list. Prompt your sign-up forms on social media, through your website, your email signature or wherever you can. Use intensives such as exclusive offers and updates.
  2. Your audience. Reward subscribers with news, exclusive offers, help and friendly chat. If you have enough subscribers and details of them, you can look at sending tailored emails to different groups of people.
  3. Style. An attractive email design that compliments your brand will be your base. MailChimp make it easy, many companies use it. If you can afford it, a graphic designer can add some subtle touches and create a unique look.
  4. A clear purpose in mind. Do you want website hits, sales, event attendees, or are you generally promoting yourself and building up a rapport? Find your voice and keep your style consistent. Don’t cram in too much information. Sometimes less is more.
  5. Content. Start with a compelling subject line. Be creative and daring, it’s competitive out there! Compose a well crafted email with nice images and links, or keep it simple and just freely write and talk. Or try a short, plain text email with a couple of strong, focused paragraphs and one link. All are effective. Think about your focus.
  6. Number of email hits. A build-up campaign works well with email. Events especially, or leading up to a promotion. When promoting an event, you can afford to increase your emails towards the finale. But on the whole, keep it light. People are bombarded these days. If you have the option with your email provider, give readers a choice on how often they want your emails. Once-twice a month is my limit for newsletters.

How I can help

Over the last few years I’ve worked on many successful email campaigns (through Emailvision and MailChimp). From planning and writing the promotion plan, sourcing, preparing and cleaning the data, writing and creating the emails, and monitoring the success. See my BIO.

I know what gets attention.

Example email package

Using a consistent style, I’ll help build a strong brand and customer base.

  • Full consultation, brand overview
  • 1 detailed promotion plan for a build-up campaign (such as an event or promotion)
  • A block of newsletters or email promotions, ready to go
  • Data overview. I’ll organise your data, with a view to tailoring emails to groups of customers
  • Set up on MailChimp with some template newsletters/emails for future use.

A basic packages starts at £280.

Get in touch for a chat about what you need.

I’ll put together a package to suit your business.


See prices and information

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