About me

Vanessa Williams Copywriter. Pembrokeshire based.

Hello I’m Vanessa, a Pembrokeshire based copywriter.

My aim is to help develop your business, inspire some ideas, and freshen up your marketing to help you compete and attract your ideal customer.

I write for websites, blogs, emails and magazine articles.

No jargon or complicated copy. Only appealing and competitive content that’s right for your audience.

How I can help.

I can work on small or large writing jobs, direct with a business on a freelance basis.

My customers include small businesses, the tourist industry, creative workshops, marketing agencies and more.

Get in touch for a chat and quote.

A bit about me.

I’m a writer and marketer.

I built up my skills as a campaign manager for a leading London B2B publishing company. Over 4 years I created and managed many successful online and print marketing campaigns for a variety of magazines and events.

I also draw from my experience of working in other job roles and businesses from a small coffee shop to big brands like RIBA and the Pembrokeshire Coast National Park.

Living in Pembrokeshire, many of my customers are small businesses. I enjoy getting to know everyone and helping a business thrive and attract new customers.

I work on a range of jobs from updating website content, writing PR and magazine articles to creating attractive email campaigns.

I’m SEO trained. I keep up with the latest techniques by following a stream of experts online. I also experiment with social media and have my own marketing blog.

Get in touch for a chat and quote.

I’ll look forward to hearing from you.






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