Free copywriting or marketing help on International Women’s Day

Happy International Women's Day. Vanessa Williams Copywriter.

Hello! To all the lovely ladies in business out there…

To mark International Women’s Day I can offer some FREE copywriting or marketing help.

You might be just starting out with a small business, or you might be struggling to draw in the customers with an existing business. I know how hard it is to survive these days.

So this week (or at a later date), I can offer my help to a couple of businesses, to work on a small-medium marketing project or writing job. If need be we can have a brainstorm to come up with some great marketing ideas. Or I can just help you out with what you need. Take a look and see what I do.

I’m based in Pembrokeshire west Wales. However if you’re further afield that’s no problem.

I enjoy working with small businesses. It’s always a nice, creative challenge.

Send me an email with your ideas to

I’ll look forward to hearing from you 🙂


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