4 Easy things you can do now to attract customers in 2020.

Give your small business a boost and attract new customers in 2020 with these 4 easy tasks.

Good luck!

1. Ask for reviews.

It may seem daunting to ask, but it will be worth it.

Use them in your own marketing – your website, BIO, Instagram Stories, Facebook reviews, press releases or sales letters.

They are also a big factor in how Google ranks your business.

If say, you have a bulk of reviews on Facebook, built up over a period of time, Google may well prioritise your business over others in search results.

It’s not guaranteed of course, other factors play a part (like content, keywords and social interaction) however, it’s a good start in helping your business get found online.

Google values reviews from all reputable websites like Facebook, TripAdvisor, Airbnb, Checkatrade and Google’s own business pages.

Make it easy for customers by adding a link to review sites in thank-you emails, or on the receipt.

2. Download a 2020 marketing calendar.

Plan your promotions in advance.

You’ll reap the benefits.

Give yourself a day (or more) to think about your business and the year ahead.

Who would you like to attract?

How can you reach them and on what platforms?

What are your customers planning for?

What can you do differently next year?

Plan your campaigns:

  • Add key dates, promotion and content ideas.
  • Allow plenty of time to research, write the copy and create branded visuals.
  • Build momentum leading up to an event or product launch with a run of creative campaigns. Try ‘sneak-peak’ or ‘early-bird offer’.
  • Write some helpful or inspiring content – social media posts or blogs.
  • Create customer personas to help you focus on your most profitable customers (they really do help).

Look at what others are doing for inspiration, and to see how you compare.

What do you do well?

Promote your benefits.

Be bold and daring. It’s competitive there!

How to build an editorial calendar (with a free template).

3. Capture your customer’s email.

Don’t underestimate email marketing.

All types of businesses can benefit.

You can focus on customer retention and converting interested customers who like your brand.

It’s also more personal and targeted than social media.

For example:

You can make a great first impression in a thank-you or confirmation email.

Really show-off your brand and good customer service.

You can also send unique offers and messages to groups of target customers.

Like past customers, event attendees, or prospects who have signed up to your newsletter.

From experience, the key is to build a clean and relevant database of email addresses.

Always update your email list.

Give incentives to encourage people to sign up to newsletters – discounts or competitions.

Here’s my own beginner’s guide to email marketing.

4 predictions for email marketing in 2020 The UK Domain.

4. Reward and entice customers to come back.

Loyalty is the Queen of business.

Attracting customers back, is easier than finding new ones.

Do you have a process in place to attract customers back?

  • Bonuses and treats for regular customers.
  • Thank-you cards with a discount for the next order.
  • Loyalty schemes.
  • Personalised offers for past customers (you’ll need their email or address).
  • Refer a friend discount.
  • An interactive and helpful approach with social media. Keep people interested.
  • Excellent customer service. It will give you the edge.

I hope you enjoyed my blog.

I am a south Wales based copywriter.

If you would like me to write for your business, please do get in touch.

Good luck with your 2020 marketing.


Image courtesy of Gratisography.

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