2016. My year ahead.

Just a little blog to let you know what I’m up to this year.

Since moving back from London I’m enjoying re-discovering Pembrokeshire with fresh eyes. I’m exploring its coast, countryside, creative workshops and the new quirky businesses that are slowly but surely emerging. This summer I’m hoping to walk the Pembrokeshire Coast. It really is stunning. All 186 miles if it! Check out my travel blog. It’s a bit thin on the ground at the moment but I’m planning on adding to it this year.

Contact me if you would like to be included in my travel blog (for free or as a sponsored post). I can promote your business, your music or yourself. I don’t mind if you’re in Pembrokeshire or further afield.

I’m also going to write more online articles. It’s what I enjoy, and it’s an effective way of promoting myself in a creative way. Keep an eye out for my marketing posts, especially if you’re a small business.

Getting out into the world inspires me. So I’m planning a couple of road trips to some small festivals, some cities, a trip to Ireland maybe… I hear the ferry every day but I haven’t visited for over 20 years! It’s about time I did. I also hope to take at least one creative workshop, maybe pottery. Anything to keep me in the moment really. If you have your own business or work in marketing it can be hard to get your head out of the future.

I’m writing this on the day of the Chinese New Year – the year of the monkey. It signifies happiness and prosperity! Good luck for your year ahead 🙂

Get in touch if you need some help with you business writing or marketing. I’ll look forward to hearing you ideas.



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