Welcome 2017. From a copywriter in Pembrokeshire.


Happy Chinese New Year. Year of the Fire Rooster!

2017 has landed. We’re now in the Trump, May, Brexit era. Time to rebel and flex the right to protest era. Did you follow the coverage of the #WomensMarch on Twitter? It was phenomenal.

I followed the action whilst watching The Other Women – a very funny film! It kept me sane in the madness of women (and men) having to march for basic decency and rights.

But more humbly…

News from me in Pembrokeshire

sherlockI was chuffed to see Tenby in the finale episode of Sherlock. The 19th century fort on St Catherine’s Island is a grim old site. But in Sherlock, it’s a high security prison used to house the psychotic Eurus. It was great to see. Hopefully it will boost tourism.

2016 was a good year for me. I worked on some nice, challenging work projects. And visited some intriguing parts of the UK – Looe, Truro, Bristol and London. Looe music festival was fantastic see my blog. I now have the small festival bug. The more remote the better.

I also returned to London to work on a b2b project. Back embracing the smog, squashing onto the tube, and getting lost on mammoth walks around London. It was good to be back.

Copywriting and marketing in 2017

First on my agenda, is to refresh my SEO and social media skills.

So as a copywriter, when writing online, I need to talk to my audience and Google. Talk to Google, and Google will put your website or social media page in front of your target audience, and move you higher up in search results.

It involves various tasks, like writing effective meta descriptions and title tags, talking in-depth about a business and its benefits, making sure the right key-words and subjects are covered, building quality backlinks, and sharing content through social media.

Of course, SEO isn’t everything. It doesn’t replace creativity and marketing knowledge.


By covering SEO basics, and taking advantage of social media, you can really push a business forward.

I’ll be updating my skills to help me, and the businesses I write for, compete.

Gifs, Illustrations, Infographics, Photos 

I’m going to develop my online designs skills, and explore the use of images in business. I’m searching for some easy ways to create images – mainly for use on social media. Not to ignore the benefits of a professional designer, but knowing the basics can help you be creative, and enable you to promote your business online. Please comment if you know of any good websites or apps.

Lastly, check out my travel blog. I’ll be updating it this year with some new blogs from Cornwall, Bristol, and London. I will add in some nice black and white photos that I took years ago in London *firm note to self to do.

Get in touch if you need help with your business. I’ll let you know how I can help. 


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