Blogging and online articles

Reach out to your audience

A good quality blog will go viral and gain momentum. It will lead people to your website, and give readers an insight into your business and brand.

It could be a helpful blog that provides answers to a query or problem. An article of interest or entertainment. Or it could be about something completely unrelated to your business, but it draws the reader in, appealing to their interests.

It’s also great for your SEO. The more targeted and relevant the better. Use the right content, keywords and meta descriptions. You’ll get found online by your ideal audience and customer base.

How I can help

Blogging and online articles. Vanessa Williams Copywriter.

If you’re new to blogging I can get you started by writing some online articles that will help you on your way in using this platform to promote your business.

Or if you already have a blog and you need a new voice and some fresh ideas, I can put together a package to suit you.

I write for all sorts of businesses on a range of topics including creative businesses, local businesses, travel, event coverage, consumer goods, B2B, B2C, business tips and marketing. Take a look at some of my blog posts on this site or visit my travel blog

I’ll take my time to get to know you, so that I can do the best job possible.

I can write for your website’s blog, or we can look at guest blogging on some other, high profile sites to help you reach a wider audience.

Get in touch for a quote, and to talk through your options.

Example blogging package

  • Full consultation, visit to your business
  • Brand overview, find your unique offering to help you compete
  • 1-2 well written, original articles that will catch the attention of your customers
  • Ideas for future blogs, with extra marketing and SEO tips.

Packages start at £300.

Or from £180 for a one off blog (dependent on the topic and research required).

Get in touch today. I’ll look forward to hearing your ideas. 


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